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Hitman Glass

Hitman Glass was established in Massachusetts in November of 2009. Hitman Glass’ scientific designs were the creation of Steven Bates, an extremely talented and creative glass artist based in Portland, Maine. Hitman Glass was formed by Dougie Fresh and Erik Weissman after they discovered Bates’ and his scientific artistry and sought to bring his designs to the mass market. Originally intending to produce water pipes and tubes for combustibles, Hitman Glass recognized the change in the market towards concentrates and quickly became a leader in scientific glass vapor rigs.  The Hitman Glass crew have designed and perfected such percolators as the Turbine, Ratchet, Torch Tubes and even a new series, Phase Two.  Since its inception, Hitman Glass has relocated its operations to California and sadly, have lost one of its founders, Erik Weissman, in late 2011.  Erik is greatly missed but his legacy continues to through Hitman Glass, a true American company born and bred in New England.