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Sesh Supply Blue Atlas

Sesh Supply Blue Atlas

Made in USA

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Sesh Supply Blue Atlas has it all with its faberge egg design, recycler functionality, and its propeller percolator system that spins when in use. These bubblers by Sesh Supply have blue glass accents throughout as well as having a reinforced 14mm joint. There are Sesh Supply decals throughout the pipe and it comes with a 14mm screened bubble bowl. These pipes measure in at nine to eleven inches tall and are five to seven inches wide with joint and mouthpiece included.


  • 9 – 11” Tall
  • 5 – 7” Wide with Joint and Mouthpiece Included
  • 5mm Thick Borosilicate Pyrex
  • Blue Glass Accents Throughout
  • 12 Hole Faberge Egg Design
  • Propeller Percolator
  • Recycler Functionality
  • Polished 14mm Female Joint
  • Polished 14mm Male Screened Bubble Bowl
  • Sesh Supply Decals Throughout


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