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Looking for a Tube? Look no further! We have a wide variety ranging from the extremely artistic functional glass art to the scientific glass on glass with such brands as Medicali, Boom Felazi, Fogz Glass, Gordo Scientific, NERV, and much much more! 

Tubes are a specific type of water pipe. The body of the tube is the defining characteristic. Tubes have much larger chambers and are made to hold water at the base so that smoke may be pulled through the water for cleansing and cooling. Tubes may be purely cylindrical or have a beaker base. Downstems funnel smoke from the bowl into the tube and may be built in, known as a stemless joint, or exist separately from the tube as a necessary accessory. Tubes come with a variety of options such as percolators, splash guards and ice pinches. Clear tubes are often described as scientific glass while fully worked color tubes are described as heady tubes.