Based in Massachusetts, HellaWicked Inc. is a company devoted to American functional glass art, alternative culture, and a philosophy of compassion.  We are a company that supports and promotes glass art by featuring American glass blowers from around the country and showcasing their work on a national level for all to enjoy.  We believe that functional glass art is a unifying medium that ignites passion and evokes a sense of community between individuals from the East Coast, the West Coast, and everywhere in between.

We have always loved functional glass art for its beauty, its elegance, and its utility.  The colors and designs of water pipes, tubes, sherlocks, bubblers, and chillums are breathtaking.  The craftsmanship and artistry needed to create these glass pieces requires expert skill.  The utility of glass art is exceptionally important for a variety of reasons.  A piece of functional glass art is a recreational centerpiece among friends enjoying legal smoking mixes.  It also may serve as a medical instrument that delivers life-saving medication.  Although we do not, and, not to mention cannot, promote functional glass art’s ability to be used with medical marijuana, we hope that all patients in need of medical marijuana will one day have access to the medication they need and the instrumentality of their choice to deliver such medication. 

HellaWicked Inc. was born of a mind routed in art and altered by physical challenges. Phillip, the company’s founder, is the son of an artist and was raised in an environment that encouraged and appreciated creativity and alternative thinking.  Phillip is also a handicapped individual making his way through the world.  Suffering from Ehler’s Danlos Syndrome, Phillip is afflicted by regular bone dislocations, muscular problems, and chronic pain. He has undergone and continues to undergo multiple surgeries to provide temporary relief from dislocations. Before the age of 21, he suffered from a lung collapse and a heart attack as a result of this condition.

During a break between surgeries, Phillip formed HellaWicked Inc. in 2010 after he went on a solo cross country road trip to discover America and to discover himself.  The trip began in Massachusetts, took a detour in Florida, led him to California, resulted in a police confrontation in Utah, and ended back in New England at its starting point.  It was a trip that Phillip will never forget and never recommend to anyone to attempt.  It was a trip that exposed him to Americana, its people, its landscape, and its glass art. It was a trip that awoken his spirit and inspired him to found HellaWicked.  Phillip wanted to share local glass art with the entire country and unite people who share a passion for art and American craftsmanship.

Upon his return home, Phillip started HellaWicked Inc. with the help of his family and friends.  HellaWicked’s team now includes Schn00ginz, a master of laws, a Great Dane named Ziggy, and a computer whiz named Joe. Bringing together the sarcasm, wit and style of Boston with the relaxed lifestyle of California, the HellaWicked team is focused on bringing the best quality American glass to appreciative individuals from the East Coast, the West Coast, and everywhere in between, and we think that’s pretty HellaWicked!

As our jouney continues, we hope to continue to meet more American glass blowers, more art lovers, and more of the wonderful and colorful individuals in the glass industry that share our passion!