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C2 Custom Creations 50mm Ratchet Bubbler - Green

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C2 Custom Creations 50mm Ratchet Bubbler - Green features 50mm tubing, a reinforced bent neck mouthpiece for ease of use, and a ratchet percolator. These C2 Custom Creation Ratchet Bubblers have flared footing and come with a 14mm bowl. These bubblers measure in at eight to ten inches tall and are four and a half to five and a half inches wide with the mouthpieces included. C2 Custom Creations is made in California, USA.


  • 8 - 10” Tall
  • 4½” - 5½” Wide with Mouthpiece Included
  • 5mm Thick Borosilicate Pyrex
  • 50mm Tubing
  • Reinforced Bent Neck
  • Ratchet Percolator
  • 14mm Recessed Joint
  • 14mm Bowl
  • Flared Footing
  • C2 Custom Creations Decals
  • Made in California

1 Review

Josh Dec 10th 2019

C2 customs ratchet bubbler 50mm

Hands down best piece I’ve ever owned. Really nice thick glass, easy to clean, such a smooth hit and really makes you want to upgrade to the double ratchet. I could say a million things about how I love this piece. I have shattered one and honestly couldn’t live a day without it. Had a replacement within 24hrs that’s how much I recommend this piece. Buying a third for my wife for Xmas lol

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