HellaWicked Lightweight Teal Slouchy Beanie

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Made in USA

HellaWicked Lightweight Teal Slouchy Beanies are eco-friendly made from upcycling old tees and sweaters. These slouchy beanies are 65% rayon, 35% nylon, pre-washed and fit most adult head sizes. These beanies are known as slouchy beanies due to their layback appearance. This upcycled beanie was made by HellaWicked, Inc in Framingham, Massachusetts.


  • Approx. 15” Long
  • Approx. 9½” Wide
  • Fits Most Adult Head Sizes
  • 65% Rayon
  • 35% Nylon
  • Pre-Washed
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Made in Framingham, MA

Washing Instructions:

  • Hand Wash

Drying Instructions:

  • Dry Flat
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