Incredibowl I420 Caseless

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The Incredibowl i420 is made from machined aluminum and polycarbonate. The Incredibowl i420 is shatter-proof and easily cleaned.  As the first and only waterless pipe, the i420 is a great addition to anyone’s collection! What could possibly be better about the i420? Incredibowl offers a lifetime warranty on the i420!

Every Incredibowl is laser-engraved with a unique serial number, allowing the manufacturer to make sure that your Incredibowl works the way it should from the moment you open the case. All of the major parts of the Incredibowl i420 are covered under a lifetime warranty. If at any time your Incredibowl i420 non-glass hardware breaks, malfunctions, or otherwise has a significant manufacturer’s defect, the manufacturer will replace the part free of charge pending review of a clear photo of the damage.


Bowl Armor

  • Protects the glass bowl in a precision machined aluminum shell engineered to accept future upgrades and accessories

Annular Purge Carb

  • 360-Degree carb design uses air jets arranged symmetrically around the circumference to clear smoke instantly, without strain or irritation

Smoke Injection Nozzle

  • Draws heat from smoke before filtering it with a replaceable stainless steel screen held away from direct heat

Expansion Chamber

  • Creates a turbulence-free chamber made from shatterproof, easy-to-clean polycarbonate for optimal smoke expansion

Lifetime Warranty on Non-Glass Hardware

*Red, Blue and Black are available by special order

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