Incredibowl M420

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Incredibowl, the ultimate in new smoking technology, is completely unbreakable and has a lifetime warranty! Made from machined aluminum and polycarbonate, the m420 is shatter-proof and easily cleaned.  As the first and only waterless pipe, the m420 is a great addition to anyone’s collection!

The m420 is the smaller, pocket size design of the award winning i420!


Bowl Armor

  • Protects the glass bowl in a precision machined aluminum shell engineered to accept future upgrades and accessories

Annular Purge Carb

  • 360-Degree carb design uses air jets arranged symmetrically around the circumference to clear smoke instantly, without strain or irritation

Smoke Injection Nozzle

  • Draws heat from smoke before filtering it with a replaceable stainless steel screen held away from direct heat

Expansion Chamber

  • Creates a turbulence-free chamber made from shatterproof, easy-to-clean polycarbonate for optimal smoke expansion

Lifetime Warranty on Non-Glass Hardware


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