Liquid Sci Glass Mini Upper

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Made in USA

Liquid Sci Glass Mini Upper sports a reinforced stemless design with 14mm joints and a 6 slit showerhead-like percolator system. This tube comes with a 14mm chillum bowl which can be used as both a bowl as well as an on-the-go chillum with a Liquid Sci decal on it. These tubes measure in at ten to eleven inches tall and three to five inches wide with Liquid Sci decals throughout. All Liquid Sci Glass is made in Ontario, California.


  • 10 – 11” Tall
  • 3 – 5” Wide
  • 5mm Pyrex Borosilicate Glass
  • 6 Slit Showerhead
  • Reinforced Stemless Design
  • Flared Footing
  • 14mm Joints
  • 14mm Chillum Pinch Bowl with Liquid Sci Decals
  • Choice of Liquid Sci Glass Decals
  • Made in Ontario, CA
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