Sesh Supply Chubbler – Spoon Bubbler Hybrid

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Made in USA

Sesh Supply Chubbler is a hybrid of a hand pipe spoon and a bubbler put together. Creatively called the Chubbler, but known as the Theseus by Sesh Supply, these pipes can be used as a dry or wet pipe. These hand bubbler pipes feature a holed bowl for ease of use, a single hole dome percolator, ash pinches to help stop debris from entering the mouthpiece as well as a funneled mouthpiece to stop spills and splash up when used with water. These chubblers by Sesh Supply measure five and half to six and a half inches long and are approximately one inch wide. Sesh Supply glass is an all American brand made in Savannah, Georgia.


  • 5½ - 6½” Long
  • Approx. 1” Wide
  • Dome Percolator
  • Holed Bowl
  • Carb Hole
  • Ash Pinches
  • Mouthpiece Funnel
  • Sesh Supply Decal
  • Made in Savannah, Georgia
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